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Sod pallets in Orlando

Sand and Soil delivery in Orlando, Florida.

We deliver sand and soil Monday - Saturdays or you can pick it up 6 days a week!

Our sand is a beautiful, fine white sand that is great for backyard beaches, volleyball courts, sand boxes and even installing pavers. We have supplied sand for all types of projects - from small backyard sandboxes to giant beach parties.

We also sell potting soil, topsoil and fill dirt.
Our soil will fill any need - from leveling out uneven ground to filling your garden with rich soil.

Give us a call today and ask about sand and soil delivery!

Sand types available for pickup or delivery

•White Sand•
•Potting Soil•
•Fill dirt•
Sand has many uses!

Open 6 Days a Week!

Sod delivered to your door in Central Florida
The best Floratam St Augustine sod in Orlando

Where can I buy sand and soil in Orlando?

Sand is the quintessential Florida ground cover. Its everywhere! Unfortunately, the sand under your sod isn't the fine beautiful sand we can provide!

Sand can be used for many different projects - it can be aesthetic or practical. Our sand is reasonably priced, too, so you don't have to worry about it breaking your bank account!

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